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Straddle Trader Pro – Order Now

Dustin and his team have officially released StraddleTrader Pro so you can now join all the other traders who are making BIG money with this VERY CLEVER software.

This software has been kept under wraps for two years, only a very small group of professional traders have been allowed access to it, and in that time it has made all of them well over 6 figures a year, many multiples of that actually…  very powerful indeed…

During those two years, the software has been continuously refined…

now the win:loss ratio is SKY HIGH, and now it’s finally available to the general public… but there’s a catch: they are only releasing 500 packages, and most already have been claimed by traders who attended their training webinars last week.

They actually have just about 200 spots remaining as of right now.

Hurry to discovery this amazing strategy and software while you can. Time is limited on this one for good reason!

The link is to an information page that has numerous trade examples, documented proof of its effectiveness, and highlights from the fun training webinar.

==> Order StraddleTrader Pro Here

Read every word at that link: you’ll be a smarter trader just from learning about news trading, which is VERY lucrative, and the straddle trading strategy in particular is the best way I’ve ever seen to make money during news releases – WITHOUT taking unreasonable risks.

In fact, this strategy is highly advantageous in the trader’s favor, so take action now before this opportunity is revoked.

Once the 500 packages sell out, registration is closed. Dustin always offers the best opportunity for their first group of traders to get involved – the action takers who are serious about FOREX success.. so go check out this link and make an informed decision, but do it before the remaining packages are taken. THEY WILL GO FAST!

How much time remains is unpredictable. They have made a 3-pay option available to make it easily affordable, so that means there is only one package available for about every ten traders interested, so you CANNOT delay!

Visit that link now and see how many packages are left on the counter.

==> Order StraddleTrader Pro Here

Here’s a comment from Alan that is representative of what you can expect with StraddleTrader Pro:

Alan: “Now that was AWESOME! 93 pips across 3 demo accounts, smooth as you like for a total of just shy of €3000!!!!! I think from entry…to close I was in the trades less than 2 minutes!”

Want more proof?  OK, here’s some comments from this week that were sent to Barry and Dustin:

Ivelin: “Your ST Pro system is amazingly successful. So far 2 trades, both of them on +. Thanks to your guidance I got familiar with the STPro system and everything is working just perfect.”

Poppy: “Hi, your StraddleTrader PRO is amazing. I love the fact it executes something I have wanted since the beginning of my trading days. Simple yet effective.”

Phil: “…I’ve used StraddleTrader 4 times now and have had 4 winnings trades, the latest one on a live account, so congrats on a fantastic product.”

Liza A: I’ve made 2 successful trading using STPro (..more than 50 pips). I’m so glad that I’ve found a very reliable EA!.. STPro really gives us  confidence to trade just like being a shark in the ocean”

Straddle Trader Pro is a new product offered by Dustin Pass and his team at Forex Traders Daily.

The Straddle Trader Pro system

was created as a solution to the typical problems that straddle trading presents as described in Straddle Trading Basics.

Often, news traders are kept from getting into trades during high volatility and fast moving markets with re-quotes. Re-quotes happen when the price of a currency pair is moving so fast that the broker has a difficult time clearing the trades with their bank.

With the Straddle Trader pro orders are placed prior to market volatility reducing the possibility of getting a re-quote.

The news traders are also looking for deviation from the forecasted release data. If it is the deviation is too small it may not trigger other trading software used for news trading. However, with the Straddle Trader Pro system it doesn’t really matter if the deviation is large or small as long as the market reacts to it.

If the chart spikes, the straddle trades are entered. Sometimes it is not the current release that causes the spike but the revision of the last release. In that case, the Straddle Traders only need a reaction to occur in the charts and are not relying on a trigger to be hit.

On some occasions, the market moves before the data is released, in which case a spike may be seen before the actual data is released. This could happen because the news gets leaked. If so, the

StraddleTrader pro

is designed to keep the trade out of the news release if the spike hits before the trades are actually entered into the broker platform. And news, released before the data provider receives it can sometimes also cause market reactions before the scheduled release times.

Additional Information:

==> Visit Straddle Trader Pro Review Official Website – Detailed Information and Review | Free Trial Download

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